Greco: Orginal Griechisch

Original Greek cheese products and original Greek yoghurt – the basis of a large amount of delicious recepies from the land of the Hellenic.

Greek Salad with goat cheese and tomato filled zucchinis, Greek grilled cheese, Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts – doesn’t this make your mouth water? The mood of the holidays comes back!

More than 25 years ago Greek feta cheese was delivered in consumer friendly vacuum packaging for the first time. It was the beginning of a worldwide success story!

This cookbook was commissioned by the Routhier company that owns the GRECO brand. „Greco, Original Griechisch“ was never intended for sale to the general public, but has been issued in the context of a customer loyalty program



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The Foodstylist / the photographer

Hubertus Tzschirner (oJ) – Since the beginning of 2010, Hubertus Tzschirner presents his workshops and seminars on fairs around the world, revolving around the main topic of his Innovative Cuisine – “Sous-Vide”. From the identifying of processes to the implementation of new techniques into old cooking procedures, Hubertus Tzschirner teaches master cooks and chefs a new definition of culinary indulgence and taste in his courses.

Daniel Esswein – Daniel lives and works as a photographer in Frankfurt/Main. Daniel is responsible for the food-photography on numerous cookbooks. Apart from 4 GAD Gold-medals he has won the „Gourmand World Cookbook Award“ for the best cookbook photography in Germany twice and in 2015 he was on the “Gourmand” short list for the worlds best cookbook photography.
Apart from that, Daniel works as a photographer for the food industry, food trade, gastronomy as well as for various magazines.

Daniel Esswein

Food and cookbook photographer
in Frankfurt on the Main


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