Event Photography

As partner to some of the large catering companies in the Rhein-Main area and with a track record of more than ten years, I am the perfect photographic companion for your event.
My understanding of event photography is to interfere as little as possible with anything that is happening, to keep myself in the background and still reflect all of the essential moments of your event in lively and aesthetically pleasing pictures. Having spent 5 years in the US I’m fluent in English and perfectly suited for working with international guests.
I only use high resolution full-frame cameras, high-power attached flash and fast low

aperture lenses. Together with my experience and accompanied by my comprehensive service offering, I can deliver constantly high quality images at excellent prices. Be it a meeting, a soiree or an intimate political round table, every type of event has its specific demands. Moreover, every customer has his or her own needs. Upon your consultation, we can unify both aspects: To capture your event in consistent top-quality picture results, always in line with your demand and conforming to your specifications.

Location Photography

A big event often presents an ideal background for you as a caterer or agency to showcase your work in an optimal way and at a minimal additional effort. After all, your event will be brought on stage anyway and showing your performance in pictures will lead to little extra expenses.
This is no comparison to the significant costs that the set-up of a respective photo scenario would provoke, which could lead to a bill of several ten thousands of Euros very quickly, depending on the necessary effort.
Of course, this photographic approach has its very own challenges, first and foremost the tight time frame involved. Especially for a more elaborate event, construction will go on until the very last moments, giving the photographer no time to search for the perfect picture.

In this respect, you can rely on the fact that I have accompanied literally hundreds of such high-profile events, ranging from the logistics to the service part. My experiences with the work-flow and constraints of the event gastronomy as well as my ability to work swiftly and efficiently under time pressure and with an outstanding camera technology make me your optimal partner for your location photography project.
Certainly, I also shoot locations and objects that have been specially arranged for the camera. Have I aroused your interest? Then please contact me, I will happily advise you.

Comprehensive Services

Good photographic results are one thing, but preselecting and processing suitable pictures is a decisive additional value and an integral part of my offering. This is even the more true as we face an enormous tide of pictures in the digital age and viewing habits of users have changed accordingly.
I will meticulously sift through the countless images and only deliver to the client, the very best ones that comply with my high technical requirements. All the other photos will be adjusted according to luminosity, contrast and horizon line. These pictures will then be exported from the RAW files into three different solutions and given to you on a DVD.

Whether you need the photos for use in print, for internet purposes or a high-resolution screen presentation – you always have the optimal file size ready, without having to transform the pictures by yourself in an often time-consuming process and with the imminent risk of quality losses.
Last but not least, there are no hidden costs. You only pay for shooting the pictures and can use the results without any restrictions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will happily advise you.

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