Burger Unser

Burgers are in everybody’s mouth – in the truest sense of the word. They enjoy rising attention from the culinary interested, whose sense for quality is improving at the same time. With its sensual burger knowledge, this book sets new benchmarks over 288 pages!

Learn how to prepare the perfect burger buns – from savoury to sweet, with topping or coloured. You will reach the centre of the burger universe with recipes for divine patties – made from meat or fish and even vegetarians and vegans will get their money’s worth. Naturally, the perfect sauces and crisp side dishes are also included. You will reach burger heaven on earth through spectacular compositions from classic burgers, through “Cheese Blues Deluxe” up to “The Meatless Madness”.

Irrespective if you are a burger beginner or a professional “Burger Unser” promises entry into burger heaven, no more no less, amen!


  • 70 spectacular Burger recipes plus side dishes and sauces
  • Scientifically well founded burger-knowledge on 288 pages
  • Exclusive food photography
  • Extra: The best burger restaurants in Germany




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The authors / the photographer

Hubertus Tzschirner (oJ) – Hubertus Tzschirner is the head of the gang, caterer and successful cookbook author. With his company “esskunst Hubertus Tzschirner” and his innovative cuisine he travels the world doing workshops, catering and seminars. You will find this knowledge concentrated in his award-winning cookbooks and of course in “Burger-Unser”. His success is shaped through passion, fun, curiosity, individuality, professionalism in working with first-class, honest products as in the contact with his guests, collogues and partners in the industry.


Daniel Esswein

Food and cookbook photographer
in Frankfurt on the Main


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