Daniel Esswein – Photography

As a full-service food photographer from Frankfurt, I can offer you a clear, modern and distinctive visual language at an excellent value for money. My range of services start with one-day food shootings in restaurants, to product and pack shots for the food industry and work assignments for cookbooks and catalogues that can take several weeks.

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Cookbooks – Publications

Whether projects from publishing houses or commissioned work for companies, shooting for cookbooks is the type of assignment I enjoy the most. Good cookbooks are masterpieces in their own right and rely just as much on the recipes as they do on the photography. The latter should always be true to topic and approach, requiring a conceptional preparatory work in which I will happily engage in. A growing number of cookbooks, some of which have received several national and international awards, are tokens of my successful work. Here you can learn more about my cookbooks and cookbook photography.  
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Documentary – Photography

Unlike any other format, a photo reportage offers the possibilities of knitting pictures into stories. Especially for companies, a reportage gives the opportunity of showing an attractive image, which is much more emotional and at the same time authentic than classic advertising pictures.

Jordan Olivenöl Lesbos

I had the unique opportunity of shooting a documentary for the Jordan olive oil company on the Greek island of Lesbos. The concept behind this weeklong shooting  was to follow the path of the olive from the tree to the bottle. In this assignment, it was paramount not only to transport the quality of the product but also to show its roots within the marvellous Greek culture.

Bhil Acadamy India

For several years, I have been supporting Chlidren e.V. & the Tögel Trust, two associations that also fund a school in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh, India as part of their global commitments. I spent two typical days in this boarding school documenting life with my camera for the public relations work of the organizations.

India: The Elephant Dances!

From urban Mumbai to holy Varanasi and to the desserts of Rajasthan, India is more than the sum of its phenomena. India is passion beauty, bitter and sweet. To capture these impressions and emotions was the aim of my five month voyage, from Mumbai to the most southern and eastern parts of the subcontinent, up north to Rajasthan and Punjab down to the vast plains of Uttar Pradesh.
Daniel Esswein

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