Roh! A new definition of raw food

With Roh! we get back to our culinary roots, before the “discovery“ of fire. In this book, the trend topic of crudités is experiencing a relaunch and a renaissance, including all that goes along with it. Hubertus Tzschirner and Thomas A. Vilgis shed a whole new light on this topic, clarifying certain aspects and adapting original concepts for today’s kitchen techniques and thus for the plates to be served to our guests. Again, both experts put science face to face with current culinary art. Their concentrated, well-founded expertise and state-of-the-art products as well as their contemporary, original recipes give rise to a completely new dimension of Roh! Moreover, the reader is introduced to the necessary background knowledge on keeping vitamins, getting informed about appropriate nutrition, health-related intolerances and also potential risks arising from a crudités-based diet. This book is the new standard volume on the topic of raw food- the latest lifestyle trend from the US. Roh! defines raw food right from scratch – in well-founded scientific terms, brilliantly set into scene, almost beyond reach in taste and texture.

• Award winning quality – gold medal GAD 2015
• Winner of the GOURMAND WORLD COOKBOOK AWARDS 2015 for best cookbook photography in Germany!
• Raw-Food is the new lifestyle-trend in the USA
• Raw! The new definition of raw food, scientifically founded, brilliantly photographed, unrivalled in taste and texture
• More than 60 creative raw-food recipes, divided into several product groups, from fish over meat to vegetables and fruit



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