Projects and More

Image Photography

I believe in warm, brilliant and aesthetic image photography, that is capable of transporting emotions that are adequately tailored to the company and industry.

Event & Location

My concept of event photography is to merge with the background as much as possible and still be able to catch all the important moments of your event, in a authentic, lively and aesthetic manner.

Jordan Olivenöl Lesbos

For “Jordan Olivenöl”, the brief was to follow the path of the olive from the tree to the bottle, as also to highlight the germination of other products originating from the island in the portfolio of the company. A delightful part of this work, was to show the embeddedness of these products in the wonderful culture of the island.

India: The Elephant Dances!

From urban Mumbai to holy Varanasi and to the desserts of Rajasthan, India is more than the sum of its phenomena.

Travel & Nature

I can’t imagine travelling anywhere without taking my camera along. In my gallery you will find a small collection of these wonderful images from near and far.

Bhil Accademy India

For the promotional work of “Children for a better World e.V.” & the “Tögel Trust”, I spent two days honorarily documenting the work of the boarding school they are sponsoring in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh, India

Artist Photography

Photographing artists was one of the first assignments I had as a professional photographer.