Ölivenöl – Das Kochbuch

The ultimate Olive-Oil Cookbook: from classic tapenade and simple bread recipes to extraordinary 3-star-menus.

Cultural good, luxury food and life elixir olive oil is a true jack-of-all-trades. Not only did the Greek’s know this, as of today it’s unimaginable to do without olive oil, be it in high end cuisine or any other kitchen!

For this book 13 of the most renowned cooks of the German speaking countries have each developed two unique and highly inspirational dishes. This collection of recipes is supplemented with 40 practical basic recipes like tapenade, mayonnaise, foccacia and pickled vegetables.

Also you will find everything you need to know about cultivation, harvest, production and use in the kitchen.

With recipes from Daniel Achilles, Juan Amador, Heiko Antoniewicz, Wolfgang Becker, Jean-Claude Bourgueil, Florian Glauert, Christian Lohse, Oliver Neuhoff, Jörg Sackmann, Stefan Steinheuer and Andy Vorbusch

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The author / the photographer

Bastian Jordan – Olive farmer Bastian Jordan is growing olives on the island of Lesbos in the third generation. With his “Jordan Olivenöl” he has grown to become an integral part of the upper echelons of gastronomy. As one of the most highly decorated olive oil manufacturer, he attaches a great deal of importance to the production of one of the best olive oils around and that to affordable prices.
Fairness in regard to man and nature is the main incitement for his company. Aside from his function as an olive farmer and entrepreneur he is a lecturer and an acclaimed expert with his focus being on olive oil.

Daniel Esswein – Daniel is responsible for the food-photography on numerous cookbooks. Apart from 4 GAD Gold-medals he has won the „Gourmand World Cookbook Award“ for the best cookbook photography in Germany twice and in 2015 he was on the “Gourmand” short list for the worlds best cookbook photography.
Apart from that, Daniel works as a photographer for the food industry, food trade, gastronomy as well as for various magazines. He also has interests beyond photography and is active in several projects in the areas of art and design.

Daniel Esswein

Food and cookbook photographer
in Frankfurt on the Main


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