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The difference between a good and an outstanding photographic approach for image cultivation lies in the latter’s ability to transport values inherent to an industry and a company as well as using the outstanding quality of photography as a medium to inspire emotions.
Image photography is an integral part of the self-display of a company that acts in concert with a whole range of media, including text and layout. It is all the more important that all these factors are being calibrated with each other. Therefore, I offer you to cooperate with your communications staff or PR service company from a very early stage. Apart from discussing your specific needs, we will consider beforehand all the necessities of a later use of the photos in light of the formats you will need.
I offer you fast and professional execution. You will get a one-stop shop solution, from the secure and demand-actuated use of my own equipment to the later processing of the pictures.
The resulting photos will cultivate a brilliant, warm, aesthetic and emotional image of you or your company. Please look at my galleries covering the topics corporate, city marketing and people. In this way, you can convince yourself of my story-telling imagery and my special talent in working with non-professional models. This approach will make it possible to let your employees act well and, above all, naturally in front of the camera.

To round off my offer, you will receive a comprehensive service package and excellent value for money. Interested? Then please contact me, I will happily advise you.
There are many common features between image photography for cities and municipalities on the one hand and companies on the other hand. In both cases, the task is to shoot pictures that are more than just beautiful; that transport values and emotions.
However, what sets these two types of photography apart is the sheer bandwidth of projects for cities and local communities. This includes daycare centers for children, homes for the elderly, lost-and-found offices and political bodies – all of these areas of communal life have to be caught in pictures. This broad range of locations offers a special appeal to each project. I had the pleasure to deliver photo material for the internet site of the town of Bruchköbel and for the internet presence of their city marketing, too.
For several months, I had the opportunity to accompany the town and its inhabitants. I sat together with the employees of Bruchköbel’s city marketing to develop and implement the image ideas for the various menu points.
Of course, there are also more restricted tasks assigned by the public. A good example is the transformation of a former military airport in eastern Hesse, for which I also had the opportunity to supply the pictures.

Comprehensive Service

Good photographic results are one thing, but preselecting and processing suitable pictures is a decisive additional value and an integral part of my offering. This is all the more true as we face an enormous tide of pictures in the digital age and viewing habits of users have changed accordingly.
I will guide you through the initial concept work over image processing to a demand-actuated export of the pictures. In the end, you will receive ready-to-use files that have been optimized according to your needs. For online use, for example, you will receive the perfect balance between contrast sharp shots with a pleasing colour range and minimal loading times.
If your want to assign the processing and exporting tasks to a graphics designer of your choice, this is no problem either. In this case, you will receive RAW files.
Last but not least, there are no hidden costs.

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