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My product portfolio ranges from simple isolated images, to menu serving suggestions and pack shots for the food industry right up to sophisticated menu arrangements. The scope of my work goes from food shootings in small restaurants to extensive picture galleries for online shops to cookbook projects with high-class chefs that can take several weeks.
Having spent more than 10 years in the event catering business during my student days and garnering practical knowledge as a food photographer, I am well aware of the work-flow and procedures, the arrangements and standards in high-end gastronomy. Food photography is so much more than choosing the right light and pushing the button.
A good food photographer needs the ability to tell stories through his pictures and thus must have a special grip on forms and arrangements. Furthermore, excellent food photography has to be a continuing dialogue between client, cook and photographer.


I believe in a kind of teamwork which relies on thinking outside the box. The output in the end should be more than the sum of its parts. Top results, as you can find in my cookbooks, are not possible without experienced chefs. For many years, I have been working with Hubertus Tzschirner and have already released six cookbooks with him.
Some of them have won several national and international awards. In some of my other projects, I worked together with Johann Lafer, Sven Elversfeld and Heiko Antoniewicz.
However, my services are not only aimed at large companies or Michelin-starred chefs. I also offer cost-effective solutions for smaller culinary operations which can use their own cooks in the process. My expertise in arranging the food gives you an added value that extends beyond the actual shooting, as I help you in visually developing your product. I have conducted many of these smaller shootings, from sushi bars to the pizza parlors around the corner and the traditional German restaurant.

Hungry for more? Here you can directly access my food photography gallery.

Food photography – wherever you need it!

In my studio I have an extensive array of props, plates, silverware, glasses and other accessories, which we can make use spontaneously at any time. Depending on the project type and client needs, I can rely on a talented team of freelancers. In this way I can fulfill any booking tailored to your demand and you won’t have to pay for things you don’t require.
At the end of the day all solutions have to meet the client’s needs. This starts from the team formulation to include the visual language and on deciding the location of the shoot.

In principle, shoots can take place anywhere. So of course shooting in your own facility is always an option. Here your cooks can operate in their familiar working environment without making any compromises concerning photographic technique or lighting. For these kinds of client briefs, I have a comprehensive mobile studio at hand.
Whether in my own studio or on location, I always shoot tethered, which enables you to check the results right on screen and gives you the opportunity to influence the outcome.

Comprehensive Services

Good photographic results are one thing, but preselecting and editing suitable pictures is a decisive additional value and an integral part of my product. This is all the more important as we face an enormous tide of images in the digital age and viewing habits of users have changed accordingly.
I will guide you through the initial concept work over image processing to a demand-actuated export of the pictures. In the end, you will receive ready-to-use files that have been optimized according to your needs. For online use, for example, you will receive the perfect balance between contrast sharp shots with a pleasing colour range and minimal loading times.
If your want to assign the processing and exporting tasks to a graphics designer of your choice, this is no problem either. In this case, you will receive the RAW files.
Last but not least, there are no hidden costs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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