50 Rezepte die Gelingen

This title is a strong claim but this book nails it. Why? Because all recipes have been scrutinized down to the bone by thousands of students of Genussakademie Frankfurt, the city’s eminent cooking school. Thereafter, the dishes have been cooked again by David Fischer who has added his pinch of salt!

Nearly every recipe ends with the words: “And now you season with …” But what does this really mean? Seasoning is one of the most important parts of cooking and for this reason, we present you the first cookbook that does not leave you out in the cold when it comes to seasoning your dishes but which explains everything in great detail in our big school of seasoning.

Moreover, you will find practical menu recommendations which will tell you what kind of starter or desert is the ideal companion for the various main courses. Naturally, you will also find concrete answers to the important question: which wine fits best with every recipe. This work from Genussakademie Frankfurt, the city’s eminent cooking school, will help you in perfecting not only single recipes but a whole evening. Guaranteed!

50 x pure gusto – from soups and salads to starters, main courses and deserts that will cling to your thighs. Everything has been translated into marvelous pictures by top food photographer Daniel Esswein – you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity!

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The author / the photographer

David Fischer – David Fischer was born in Frankfurt and is its new culinary star. At 19, the dynamic cook went to Berlin, where he studied history, political sciences and French language and literature, before he entered into an apprenticeship at the Four Seasons hotel and The Regent to become a chef. Later on, Fischer even worked for half a year with the brigade de cuisine at the Élysée palace, home of the president of France. After seven years of culinary experience, he came back to his hometown, where he worked with Juan Amador, at Erno’s Bistro and in the Heimat Restaurant.

Daniel Esswein – Daniel lives and works as a photographer in Frankfurt/Main. He is responsible for the food-photography on numerous cookbooks. Apart from 4 GAD Gold-medals he has won the „Gourmand World Cookbook Award“ for the best cookbook photography in Germany twice and in 2015 he was on the “Gourmand” short list for the worlds best cookbook photography.
Apart from that, Daniel works as a photographer for the food industry, food trade, gastronomy as well as for various magazines. He also has interests beyond photography and is active in several projects in the areas of art and design.

Daniel Esswein

Food and cookbook photographer
in Frankfurt on the Main


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